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Louisiana Genealogy, by M.W.Talbot

Rembering from Whence we came

Talbot Family-Maulan
Talbot, Louis Andre desce
Gauthe, Jean Marie descen
Gouner, Pierre Augustin d
Timothy Fam. Parkway Bake
Odenwald, August H.C. des
Patton, Gen.George S. Fam
George S. Patton ancestor
Louisiana, Am.Rev.
Dixie's Bar and Friends
Talbot, Lewis T. Family
Bush Presidential Family
Laveau, Marie
Lejeune, Gen.JA USMC
Beauregard, PGT
Dantin Family
Hebert, 2 CSA generals
Mayor Chep Morrison
Mius d'Entremont Family
Mouton, Gov.& Gen.
David,Louis Family
Pittman-Hannan Family
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Brig.Gen. Louis Hebert and Brig.Gen. Paul Hebert CSA 
First cousins, it is probable that their grandfather, Amand Valery
Hebert was in the Louisiana Regiment under Gen, Bernardo de
Galvez in the American Revolution.
See the other Confederate generals on this site at:
The generals Hebert were my 4th cousins, 4 times removed.
Those interested in Louisiana soldiers during The War Between the States should review the site:

For the kids, paper soldiers, regardless of age:

Download (right click mouse in most browsers), print (letter size paper), study, rectangular cut, fold each half up and paste tops in groups.  If done correctly, each group of the 1" soldiers will form a pup-tent shape and stand alone.  Wads of paper may be used as ammunition, as desired.

See bottom of Lafayette page for another period.


For more paper soldiers, click here.


Louisiana Tiger Zouaves  CSA

Louisiana Tiger Zouaves  CSA


When war came, the Louisiana Zouaves wore blue Zouave jackets and a red fez.  After their first action, they would remove their jackets in the field and fight in their red shirts.  Later the blue jacket was replaced with the so called butternut jacket.  Some believe that Confederate butternut was originally grey.  But age and prolonged exposure to light eventually turned a grey dye of that time to the brownish color that we often see in surviving artifacts, today.


The Louisiana Zouaves got their "Tiger" nickname from their bravery and tenacity coupled with their striped pataloons made from matress canvas.  The red fez was quickly replaced by the more protective from the elements and practical straw hat in the field.